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The Venus Factor Review

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The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor
Weight Loss Program


The Venus Factor


The Venus Factor is a weight loss system developed exclusively for women because of a woman’s different needs in body reshaping and fitness. Traditionally, men’s diets and exercise regimens have been aimed at women but the results never work properly. New research has shown that this is due in large part to women having leptin resistance, which acts as a hormone in the body and responds much the way insulin does. According to the program, by learning how to trigger the female body to recognize existing levels of leptin, you unlock the potential to have the body you desire.

What is The Venus Factor all about?

Knowing about a program, and the fundamental reasons it claims to work are the foundations toward building a successful diet and exercise campaign.  Because The Venus Factor is something you can buy on the “virtual market” there is understandably some doubt about the product.  This review hopes to alleviate both questions and concerns, giving an unbiased opinion about this ladies weight loss system.

Where does The Venus Factor originate?

The program begins as many do, deep in the fabric of scientific study and data gathering.  The author realized that when trying to target why a woman struggles to lose weight when a man does not, that there must be something else going on at a deeper cellular level.  He was quite right.  He and the collaborators of The Venus Factor have been globally awarded for their muscle building and nutrition contributions, and use this authority to bring together a product that targets the real scientific culprit behind the struggle with women’s weight loss.

The problem is leptin resistance. (what is Leptin?) Leptin is twice as prevailing in women, but they are unable to access it’s potential for weight loss like a man does.  Leptin’s job, among others, is to ensure that there are excess fat stores for times when it is needed to burn away, or extra energy is needed in a pinch.  There is no time more needy than when carrying a child during pregnancy, and to this extent alone, a woman’s leptin is naturally resistant to allowing those fat stores to go away.  A woman without fat storage, from leptin’s stance, is incapable of sustaining life, which ruins it’s whole purpose.  John Barban discovered triggers for women’s leptin levels that would cause it to behave more like a man’s naturally does.

How does the program work?

The key to this entire program is unlocking leptin resistance.  Tests done on laboratory mice proved that those with the leptin resistance were obese and incapable of dropping the extra weight.  Mice with the normal DNA remained healthy and their metabolism did not suffer.  Leptin is the hormone that is activated during times of plenty or times of strife.  If we gain too much leptin, we then become resistant to it’s effects, the brain simply blocks the receptors.  How do the creators of The Venus Factor aim to solve this?  They claim to be able to reprogram how your body recognizes existing leptin levels through what you eat and when you eat.

John Barban recognized the need to unlock women’s potential to lose weight as well as his male clients, and has outlined the way to trigger our neural pathways to make that existing leptin work for us rather than against us.

The Venus Factor has been reviewed by many independent sources, been raved about by the many who have tried it’s methods, and it promises to deliver results you can see and feel within the first day and through the first week. Few would dare to make that sort of claim, so we dug a bit to see if that was just hype, or if it was backed by facts.

Real users reviews

 I can tell you, It is so worth it. It is not a miracle system. It is still calories in, calories out, very MFP friendly.  It is challenging, to be sure, but it is also accessible. There is calorie software that helps you find the appropriate amount you should be eating based on where you are in your weight loss goals. It is based on an aesthetic, which I actually really like. It gives you something to aim for, rather than just basic dieting and/or working out. I’ve used Beachbody systems and done CrossFit, but each time I would get fitter, but bulk up in all the wrong places. With VF, I have more control over where I put on muscle because I am training for a specific look.

Also, the community is absolutely invaluable. The women are so helpful and encouraging. All newbies get discouraged and overwhelmed at first, but the ladies just lift you up. There is no cattiness. It’s amazing and wonderful. You can always try it out and get a refund if you hate it. They’re awesome about that.”

 – smit5852 from

 Ok. So I’m exactly one week into the Venus Factor Program and I have to say, it is sweat and hard work. In fact, in the 45 minute work out routine it lays out for you (3 days a week) I sweat more than I do when doing fully body works outs or cardio for the same amount of time at LA Fitness.

Result? 5 lbs in one week.

Is it a miracle? Hardly.

Is it hard? Not if you really want to stick with the goal.

 – code2destroy from
(also has updates for each week, all positive)

 And from a guy’s perspective:

 If you’re referring to John Barban’s program, I’d recommend it. I came across his Adonis Index program for men about six months ago and I’ve had great results.

For men, it’s about developing the ideal shoulder-to-waist ratio based on your height. The workouts are customized based on your body type. There’s a ton of variety so you’re constantly challenged and it never gets boring. There are videos for all the exercises, a nutritional plan that works well with myfitnesspal, and you can download it to your phone so it’s right at your fingertips while you’re at the gym.

My understanding is that the Venus Factor includes a couple of other measurements involved in determining your ideal ratios, but the rest should be pretty much the same. Follow the program and you’ll get results.

 – KyleinSD from

The reviews from both sexes seem to be both shining and accurate to the main points of the program.  They have used the program as described, and all have reported massive benefits to both their overall health and weight loss!  It seems a small wonder that they would take to forums to speak highly about a system that does finally do what it claims.

What are the negatives?

One major one should be the obvious.  If you are male, it won’t work for you.  As evidenced by the science behind the system, it is because men and women’s bodies are so drastically different in both design and function, that it only works for women.

To be fair, it would only be right to point out, that having read through all the material, it is quite an undertaking.  This is not a quick fix, or a flash diet that will get you into a dress over the weekend.  It is not a flush, a fast, or a smoothie fix.  This system is made to completely transform how your body metabolizes, and to do so, means you must stick with it and follow the guide for longer than a week.

Meaning, if you are the kind of person who is just hoping to squeeze into that one size smaller party dress or to drop a couple pounds but not change anything else in your life, then this really isn’t for you.

It’s fairly easy on the wallet, but it does require an investment of your time, dedication and energy, so be aware before you jump in.

Consumer advice  before purchasing

With the success of The Venus Factor, many have taken to the internet with “get rich quick schemes” hoping to cash in on people’s need to lose weight.  They have come up with a leptin supplement capsule, which is little more than capsulated fiction.  When your body becomes resistant to leptin, it doesn’t matter how much more you take, it has already hit the ceiling and will not come down regardless how much you throw at it, and that’s if what is in those capsules is even leptin at all.

There are no supplements out there that will help with weight loss in regard to leptin resistance, so do not let yourself be fooled.  Also be sure that when you purchase, you are using a secure and verified link that sends you to the genuine product page.  Our official link will take you there safely, and your purchase power is secured through online leaders like Verisign.

What is included

$47 gets you a ton of good stuff here.  As far as value for your money goes, it’s more than generous.

  • “The Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide”, which gives information on calories and helps you to understand how nutrition affects you, and which “healthy” foods are anything but healthy.
  • “12 Week Fat Burning and Muscle Toning Workout” for body reshaping, which can easily be done at home, or at your local gym.  It comes complete with all the instruction you need to get started.
  • “The Virtual Nutritionist” which is software that you can use to help you calculate the amount of protein and calories you should be consuming to reach the body measurements that you input, and working to achieve your own “Venus Factor” (that is, the body you want and envision but designed and sculpted to be healthy first and foremost)
  • The Venus Index Podcast, full of stories from real women who have used the product and wanted to share the trials and tribulations, the shortcomings and successes that make them all human, to help motivate if you feel yourself flagging.
  • Perhaps one of the very best bonuses that you just cannot attach a monetary value to is the ability to trade information and get advice from other women in The Venus Community.  Access is free to all members for life, and you get forums, blogs, and the support of an entire community of women who are either living the success of Venus, or in progress just like you.

The capstone however, remains the 100% money back guarantee.  The author is positive that within the 60 days he’s allocated for the refund, that you’ll see the results promised.  He is so sure that he’s backed it completely and promised to refund everything you have paid.  The program is being offered at $49 dollars, down from the original price fo $97.  It’s quite the discount, and at the time of this review, we aren’t sure when it will return to the original price.  After researching the costs of a personal trainer, gym membership and other diet plans, the costs of one of those alone far exceeded the cost of this one program, so I believe that the value is worth far more than what it costs.

In Conclusion

The Venus FactorThe Venus Factor is one of the few weight loss programs we’ve reviewed that actually does what it says on the box. It explains why you may not have found success in other diets, why a woman’s body is different and will respond differently, and how to beat back leptin resistance forever.  John Barban wants all his female clients to have the same level of success that his male clients have enjoyed for years, and he offers this product at a price that can reach many struggling women.  For those unmoved by words, there are plenty of photos that will say more than any review ever could.  The proof is in the work that many women have put into The Venus Factor, and as a good investment, it has paid them back tenfold.

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