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The Venus Factor Review

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The Venus Factor
Weight Loss Program


The Venus Factor


The Venus Factor is a weight loss system developed exclusively for women because of a woman’s different needs in body reshaping and fitness. Traditionally, men’s diets and exercise regimens have been aimed at women but the results never work properly. New research has shown that this is due in large part to women having leptin resistance, which acts as a hormone in the body and responds much the way insulin does. According to the program, by learning how to trigger the female body to recognize existing levels of leptin, you unlock the potential to have the body you desire.

What is The Venus Factor?

It can be hard to ascertain what exactly you are looking at getting from simply watching a video or reading posts aimed toward getting the word out about a product.  The review below intends to do is ferret out the facts and any myths surrounding this product.  We will provide you with all the facts and supporting evidence.

It is not a new phenomenon, it has roots from people who have been globally awarded for their contributions toward muscle shaping and building.  It deals with a hormone known as Leptin, which is 2x as prevalent in women as men.  (what is Leptin?) The reason for this is the same as the continuity of our species.  Women are designed for childbirth, and a body that does not have adequate fat stores is thus incapable of producing healthy offspring.  Leptin ensures there are always excesses of fat storage for this purpose. It cares not about what a woman desires her body to look like, or even if she cares to have children at all.  It’s a pre-programmed particle of DNA and cannot be altered.  The trouble with Leptin in women is, the mind just doesn’t respond to it the same way a man’s does.  It takes special triggers to make it work the way it was designed to, which is what the Venus Factor claims to do effectively for women.

How does It work?

Independent tests on Leptin in laboratory mice revealed that mice without the DNA strand for leptin were predisposed to be morbidly obese, where mice with normal DNA remained healthy.  During these tests, they also discovered mice who were obese, yet not lacking the Leptin strand.  This led to more research that divined why.  Because leptin is our feast or famine hormone, it is possible to become resistant to it in high levels.  The obese mice, despite high levels of leptin, still could not drop the excess weight because their brains simply did not respond to their leptin levels.  Because the author, John Barban, cared enough to find out how to beat this for women everywhere, there are now ways understood to trigger our neural epicenters to recognize our existing leptin levels and utilize them as they were meant to be.

The Venus Factor promises results seen within the first day, and throughout the first week.  This is also echoed by those who have tried this plan and written about it through impartial reviews, which are totally independent. These women write that they have put in the work required, done everything the plan has entailed and seen the results for themselves.  They have spread the word on exercise forums, blogs and internet pages (see below) to help other women struggling to lose extra weight.

Real users reviews

 I can tell you, It is so worth it. It is not a miracle system. It is still calories in, calories out, very MFP friendly.  It is challenging, to be sure, but it is also accessible. There is calorie software that helps you find the appropriate amount you should be eating based on where you are in your weight loss goals. It is based on an aesthetic, which I actually really like. It gives you something to aim for, rather than just basic dieting and/or working out. I’ve used Beachbody systems and done CrossFit, but each time I would get fitter, but bulk up in all the wrong places. With VF, I have more control over where I put on muscle because I am training for a specific look.

Also, the community is absolutely invaluable. The women are so helpful and encouraging. All newbies get discouraged and overwhelmed at first, but the ladies just lift you up. There is no cattiness. It’s amazing and wonderful. You can always try it out and get a refund if you hate it. They’re awesome about that.”

 - smit5852 from

 Ok. So I’m exactly one week into the Venus Factor Program and I have to say, it is sweat and hard work. In fact, in the 45 minute work out routine it lays out for you (3 days a week) I sweat more than I do when doing fully body works outs or cardio for the same amount of time at LA Fitness.

Result? 5 lbs in one week.

Is it a miracle? Hardly.

Is it hard? Not if you really want to stick with the goal.

 - code2destroy from
(also has updates for each week, all positive)

 And from a guy’s perspective:

 If you’re referring to John Barban’s program, I’d recommend it. I came across his Adonis Index program for men about six months ago and I’ve had great results.

For men, it’s about developing the ideal shoulder-to-waist ratio based on your height. The workouts are customized based on your body type. There’s a ton of variety so you’re constantly challenged and it never gets boring. There are videos for all the exercises, a nutritional plan that works well with myfitnesspal, and you can download it to your phone so it’s right at your fingertips while you’re at the gym.

My understanding is that the Venus Factor includes a couple of other measurements involved in determining your ideal ratios, but the rest should be pretty much the same. Follow the program and you’ll get results.

 - KyleinSD from

 As you can see from the above posts both male and female, not one who has tried the programs outlined by the author have anything to give but shining reviews.  Though this writer has looked for a bad review from someone who has given this program a try, there were none to be found.  Of those who have used the program, all have reported staggering results, and have suggested others enjoy the benefits they have seen for themselves.

What are the negatives?

This product is not for you if you are a man.  This is not because there isn’t anything out there for a man, it is simply that this program is designed for women, and for a woman’s specific bodily needs.

You should also not consider this product if you are looking for a quick fix, a passing fancy or a fad that will drop weight just long enough for that string bikini for a two week holiday.  This program requires that you want this badly enough to follow through with every part of it so that the rewards can be felt and seen.

It is work, though it is not hard, nor terribly taxing on your time or wallet, but some are averse to putting in the time or energy required, so for those people, it is not recommended.

Consumer advice  before purchasing

Be sure you are buying from the official website! Use our official link below to be absolutely certain you are purchasing the right product.

Do not be fooled by imposters claiming to do the same thing as The Venus Factor, such as Leptin supplements, which the body cannot absorb through any sort of digestible capsule anyway.  If your body has Leptin resistance, you can raise the ceiling all you want for Leptin levels and never see results, so taking more doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight.

For $47, the program includes:

  • “The Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide”, which gives information on calories and helps you to understand how nutrition affects you, and which “healthy” foods are anything but healthy.
  • “12 Week Fat Burning and Muscle Toning Workout” for body reshaping, which can easily be done at home, or at your local gym.  It comes complete with all the instruction you need to get started.
  • “The Virtual Nutritionist” which is software that you can use to help you calculate the amount of protein and calories you should be consuming to reach the body measurements that you input, and working to achieve your own “Venus Factor” (that is, the body you want and envision but designed and sculpted to be healthy first and foremost)
  • The Venus Index Podcast, full of stories from real women who have used the product and wanted to share the trials and tribulations, the shortcomings and successes that make them all human, to help motivate if you feel yourself flagging.
  • One of the best resources you get in this writer’s opinion is the access to The Venus Community.  They have a forum and blogs that allow you to interact real time with other members who have already been down this path and seen and experienced the results.  Getting an answer to a nagging question is as easy as asking it!  Having the support and a community behind your weight loss goals can mean the difference between success and failure, so having it available as part of the package is a great gesture.

What really made an impression was the 100%, 60 day money back guarantee.  The author is so certain that if you follow the guidelines that you will be impressed that he has backed it completely.  At $49, the program is already being offered at a discounted price that cannot be expected to last with the demand shown.  Original price is listed as $97.  It still seems like an incredible deal when one personal trainer session can easily top that price in one day.  With all the bonus things that are offered with the e-book, it is my opinion that the value far exceeds the cost.

In Conclusion

The Venus FactorThe Venus Factor is one of the few weight loss programs we’ve reviewed that actually does what it says on the box.  It details why other diets haven’t worked, why a woman’s body responds the way it does, the history behind this, and offers you a step-by-step program to beat it.  Through exhaustive testing, and the need to see women everywhere benefit from healthier bodies and the outward sense of confidence to match, John Barban has allowed women everywhere to reach their maximum potential.  It is hard to debate the merits of something based on scientific facts, and harder still to dispute the many reviews from women who have tried it, the pictures they show with pride of bodies that have been reshaped, not by photoshop, but by their own efforts.

If this sounds like the sort of journey you’re ready to undertake, to be part of the many posting photos and five star reviews…

Click here to Visit The Official Website

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