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Body Shaming Must Stop – Love the Skin You’re In

Body Shaming is something that has come about more recently, with the advent of massive social media outlets like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and plenty more. From celebrities to everyday folks, people are speaking their mind on someone’s appearance, as though they have a right to it. The trouble with this is that mob mentality takes over, and more and more people jump on board shaming the person for nothing more than wearing a bikini with a ‘less than perfect’ body. Who are we to be so judgemental? We are all on a journey to a better self, so why should we treat another who is brave enough to just BE themselves as a lesser human being?   Continue reading

Chest Exercises for Women Do Not Reduce Breast Size

There’s a long history of women seeking out augmentation through surgical and other means to change their bodies to fit this ideal body image that is flaunted by models on magazine covers. It’s long been thought that by doing exercises aimed at the pectoral muscles beneath breast tissue that it would actually make breasts smaller but studies prove that is not the case. Furthermore, what is “ideal” to one man varies greatly from person to person and depends far more on a long list of things that include height and body type, because it isn’t just a one size fits all mentality. Continue reading

The Transformative Power You Can Add to Your Diet

5000 years and counting, and yoga is still one of the best ways people can achieve more out of their current diet and exercise program. Strictly physically speaking, yoga improves flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. In terms of energy, yoga teaches you how you can cope with stress better by bringing a sense of ease using both active and passive poses. Psychologically, yoga helps create mindfulness by shifting awareness to your sensations, thoughts and emotions that accompany any of the poses or exercises. Women are the more intuitive and emotionally aware of the sexes, which is why so many more women report the positive effects that yoga has brought about than their male counterparts. Continue reading

Cut out your gym costs, Exercise from home!

There are so many diet plans and nutrition regimens that require you to go to a gym up to 4 times a week, in addition to everything else you’re doing.  The majority of us don’t have that kind of time, and even more don’t have that kind of money.  Ten years ago, we didn’t have the in-home gym capability that we do now, and we didn’t understand the body as well as we do either.  As with anything else, time changes everything.  All it takes now, is a trip to your big chain retail store, where you can find the supplies you need to exercise from home and benefit far more than going to a gym. Continue reading

The Hourglass Figure – As Old As Time

Back in the Victorian era, women were found more attractive when they were carrying extra weight.  The reason for this was ridiculously simple.  If a woman was well off, she could afford to eat the kinds of foods that would make her very curvy, and those extra pounds suggested that she would make a good mother to any well titled gentleman’s children.  She had the means to live well, and a well connected marriage meant that her family would thrive.

During the time period when the statue of Venus was created, artists sought to capture the feminine ideal of beauty.  Unlike the male counterparts, which were defined and toned with lean muscles roping their statuesque bodies, a woman was to look softer and more appealing.  The statue of Venus is long held as the pinnacle of what every woman is designed to look like at her peak, and that statue looks nothing at all like what we see today.  Looking at Venus, she is of average height, her face is of average shape as are her looks, but her body is long, lean and suggests a bit of softness and curves where they belong. Continue reading

The never-ending quest for the perfect body and how to get it

The media is deliberately unfair to women in terms of what they should look like.  Too-thin models grace runways in Paris, billboards in New York City, and covers of Vogue magazine.  Worldwide, women have been marketed a skewed body image that isn’t just unattractive, it’s also unhealthy and nearly impossible to maintain.  A woman’s body is not made to remain in that unhealthy state, and will fight against efforts to remain that way.  This means, the more you try to become too-skinny like the models, the more you’re committing physical abuse on yourself. Continue reading

The Venus Factor Diet and Leptin Resistance

Lately there have been plenty of topics covering leptin and leptin resistance in regard to weight loss.  This has led to supplement companies producing leptin in capsule form and trying to market it as a weight loss saviour.  There’s just one little problem.  Leptin is a digestible protein that doesn’t enter the bloodstream.  Taking it in a capsule is tantamount to taking capsulated beef or chicken, and about as effective.

Most of these products have even been tested and found to contain no leptin at all, and instead giving random ingredients that claim to improve leptin functioning or make you feel full.  The companies are banking on people seeing the word leptin as a magical wand, buying a bottle of questionable capsules and Continue reading

Venus Factor Weight Loss: Happiness Is Seeing Results Immediately

For many, the decision to diet and exercise comes at the end of a dark and sad road, paved with disappointments from previous tries, and marked by the view society gives people who are overweight.  For others, seemingly healthy in appearance, it comes after devastating results from a routine checkup, delivering news that cholesterol levels have become nightmarish.  Facing this sort of adversary will either motivate us to change, or leave us to wallow in self pity. Continue reading