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Cut out your gym costs, Exercise from home!

There are so many diet plans and nutrition regimens that require you to go to a gym up to 4 times a week, in addition to everything else you’re doing.  The majority of us don’t have that kind of time, and even more don’t have that kind of money.  Ten years ago, we didn’t have the in-home gym capability that we do now, and we didn’t understand the body as well as we do either.  As with anything else, time changes everything.  All it takes now, is a trip to your big chain retail store, where you can find the supplies you need to exercise from home and benefit far more than going to a gym.

Here’s a few reasons why

  1. It’s easy on your finances.  The cost of one pilates ball, a smaller rubber ball like the kind children use to play kickball, a resistance band and a couple dumbbells are still only a third of the average monthly gym dues.
  2. You get privacy in your home that you cannot get at the gym, no need to be self conscious as you work toward your goals, and no need to go buy fancy new workout clothing because you’re at home!
  3. Even if you wanted to spend a bit extra on a basketball, tennis racket, tennis balls, and a jump rope, it’s STILL less by half than the average gym dues.
  4. No wasted gas on traveling to a gym when it’s in your home, and the ability to jump directly into a warm shower when you’re done is a benefit that deserves it’s own category all by itself.

If you have a busy life, and you don’t want to be driving from home to the gym, to work, to the gym, to home, etc… you don’t have to.  Most of us can completely understand and sympathize.  So while you’re working your way to that Venus Factor perfect body, you can also be comfortable knowing you’ve saved a ton of money, and take comfort in knowing you can stay focused and private while doing so. Venus Factor gives you the exercises you will need to forge ahead with your weight loss goals, but here’s a few to get you started.  If all you lack is the information, you’re leagues ahead already!

1. Ankle/Wrist weights

This mode of exercise is so versatile it can be done even while you sit at work at a desk.  The one pictured is a great way to begin a routine in the morning after you stretch.

Stretching is a vital part of any exercise regimen and it keeps you from becoming injured, so always stretch first!

Beginning with your ankles, shoulders and head on the floor, begin to lift your feet until they are aligned with your head vertically.  Slowly lower your legs, and repeat x 10.

If you have trouble reaching this position in the beginning, just start by lifting your knees to your chest and back down and out with your feet.  Keep trying this position, you’ll find it gets easier every day.

At work, simply put the weights around your ankles and alternate lifting your feet to the underside of your desk until you tire.  If you wear slacks that have wide legs, you can even get away with wearing them under the slacks and walk around the office with them.

Wrist weights can be used for any exercise involving lifting your arm, and will maximize the benefits you will see from normal rear tricep lifts, and bicep curls, even butterflies with dumbbells.

Resistance training works so well because you’re using the optimal amount of resistance to shape your body, using your own weight as the tool.

2. Resistance bands

These can also be found at retail stores, but if you have any trouble locating them, your local physical therapy outlet of choice can supply you with them also.  The upside to going to a physical therapy outlet, is the therapists there can also assist you in finding the right resistance rating for your body size, weight, and height.  If you’re unsure, buy directly from the professionals, it won’t cost any extra and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting something customized for your benefit.

There are many and varied exercises that can be done with resistance bands, the same therapists mentioned can usually give you a handout with them printed on it.

A great exercise requires you wrap the band around both fists and hold it like you would dental floss.  Be sure you are well balanced on one leg, and lifting one knee, wrap the band around the outside of your knee, just below the kneecap, on the shin bone. Hold it there for the count of 20, and slowly release.  Another variation of this, is to wrap the band below your foot, where the arch is.  While holding it tight, with your foot on the floor, slowly raise it to the right or left astride your body, being sure to keep tension on the band, and lower your foot again.

3. Pilates ball

This type of exercise has grown in popularity thanks to the legions of ways these balls can be used to benefit your body.  They have recently been used for ergonomic desk chairs also, due to the ability to sit with a healthy spinal curvature, and a more natural resting position.

There are so many ways to use these balls.  Physical therapists have photos you can use, and there are also plenty to be found online, as well as on the box the ball comes in.  Most retail stores carry these, but they do have a height and weight restriction.  There is a ball made for everyone, regardless of weight or height, so if you don’t find the one for you, head to your local physical therapy office, they can order one if they don’t have it in stock.

A popular exercise is a variation of a push-up. The ball will keep your muscles doing the work to keep your balance. Keep both arms on either side of your head, palms touching just behind your ears, and cross your left elbow to the right side of the ball, and your right elbow to the left side of the ball.  Repeat this criss-cross pattern x 10, then lie on your back in the same position, and turn it into a sit-up, and bring your elbows across to opposing knees.  The ball simply primes your muscles to activate in more places as you move, by trying to stay centered, which is a natural instinct.

Another variation is to use the smaller kick ball, slightly deflated, and lying on your back, with your elbows out, hands on either side of your head, put both legs straight up, and squeeze the kick ball between your feet.  Proceed to do your sit ups while squeezing the ball.  It can also be held between your thighs, but should be an even smaller ball in that case.

Lastly, Alternatives to ankle weights, dumbbells, and balls

Every town seems to have a place to play basketball, some have public tennis courts, even the schools are great places to check.  When you do feel like getting out for some extra, consider taking along a jump rope, a hula hoop, or engage in one of your favorite sports.  Even jumping into a lake if the weather is nice is a great form of aerobic activity sure to speed up your metabolism and leave you feeling great for enjoying the outdoors AND getting in your workout.

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