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Venus Factor Weight Loss: Happiness Is Seeing Results Immediately

For many, the decision to diet and exercise comes at the end of a dark and sad road, paved with disappointments from previous tries, and marked by the view society gives people who are overweight.  For others, seemingly healthy in appearance, it comes after devastating results from a routine checkup, delivering news that cholesterol levels have become nightmarish.  Facing this sort of adversary will either motivate us to change, or leave us to wallow in self pity.

Motivation leads us to the internet in today’s realm of instant accessibility, to learn about diets that we can find that will fit into our lifestyle, and not break the bank.  The trouble with the internet can be knowing whether the product you’re learning about and thinking of trying can actually be believed to work, or if it is just another passing fad.  So we’re excited, we’re motivated, we’re taking charge of our own well being, we’re getting healthy… and we’re totally lost here.

Nothing feels better than being able to see the results quickly, or to hear compliments from people you see every day as they too notice the change in both your apperance and how you hold yourself.  One of the biggest champions on the market right now is specifically geared toward women, and Venus Factor weight loss has been discussed by many on workout blogs and forums as being the fastest visible results of the programs currently available.

The struggle for so many is in sticking with an arduous program that defines what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, how much you eat, when to exercise, how long to sleep, and how many calories you’ve consumed or how many points you have accrued.  Not only do we not enjoy feeling guilty about the things we’re eating long term when we’re giving it our best shot, but it’s just too much.  Too much of everything, and nearly impossible to have any sort of quality of life trying to maintain that sort of thing long term.

What is even less encouraging about these hardcore strict diet plans, is stepping onto a scale every day hoping to see yourself even one pound lighter, or trying on old jeans that fit from years ago and still not being able to get them zipped up.  Though you feel defeated, you don’t let yourself flag because the program says to stick with it and you will eventually see the results and feel better.  But sometimes, eventually just comes far too late.  And not every diet is made for our body type, or our way of life at all.

Choosing a diet and exercise regimen should be like shopping for shoes.  Not high maintenance shoes to go out in that require being polished to a high shine, or spiky high heels that give you cramps within 30 minutes of wear, but the kind of comfortable every day shoe you can walk miles in that will last a long time.  It is something you are going to be using daily, so it should feel good, it should fit right, and it should be used well.

Consider cost effectiveness also; there are many home exercises that can be done, resistance training with old pantyhose tied in a loop, family size soup cans in place of dumbbells, and a lot of other handy ways to get in that weekly workout to keep boosting the results you’ll be getting already by simply changing how you view dieting and diet programs.  Don’t let the word “gym” keep you from reaching the potential you can easily attain by doing all your workouts from the comfort of your home.

The Venus FactorThough few diets will claim to give instant results, some do!  Finding a shorter term diet plan that offers something you can measure, before moving onto a longer term lifestyle that you can stick with is sometimes all you need to change your motivation levels.  Seeing it for yourself will make you want it more, you’ll find yourself pushing harder for your goal, and being in better spirits for the effort.

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